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Language Policy

As an IB world school we aim for our students to be effective communicators and to be able to express themselves confidently in more than one language. We value the diversity of languages within the multilingual profile of our school community.


At TIS we recognise the importance of a strong foundation in a child’s home and family languages (Mother Tongue)  and that this directly relates to strong language acquisition in other languages. Language  learning  is  transdisciplinary  and  so  all  teachers  at  TIS  are teachers  of  language.  We believe that multilingualism is a means of affirming cultural identity and developing international-mindedness  in  our  students  and  the  learning  community. We support a multilingual  approach that recognises the importance of mother tongues in supporting additional learning.


Language learning includes learning language, learning about language and learning through language. At TIS we believe that language learning and acquisition is a  constructive, developmental process, where students develop by  building on their prior skills and knowledge.



Academic Integrity

“Academic integrity is a guiding principle in education and a choice to act in a responsible way whereby others can have trust in us as individuals...


Assessment Policy

We  believe  that assessment is an integral part of effective teaching  and  learning  and  includes assessing  and  reporting  on knowledge  attainment,..



Child Safeguarding Policy

All  children  have  a  right  to  be  safe.  The  health,  safety  and  well-being  of  all  our  students  is  of paramount importance and will be respected, protected and fulfilled by all members of the TIS community...

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Inclusion Policy

Inclusion is an ongoing process that aims to increase access and engagement in learning for all students by identifying and removing barriers (IB, 2020:5)...

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