School Fees 

Reservation Deposit

The Reservation Deposit will be collected at the time of student registration for enrollment and will be credited against the first tuition installment.

Should a student cancel before starting school, this deposit will not be refunded.

Tuition Deposit

This deposit will be collected at the time of student registration for enrollment. The deposit will be credited to the final tuition installment, prior to the student's withdrawal from Think International School. 

School Fees for 2020-2021

  • Early Years – Year 3 : HK$11,300 per month (10 installments)

  • Year 4 - 6:  HK$12,100 per month (10 installments)

  • Lunch Fees: Students can join the lunch program at HK$830 per month

  • School Bus:  Please contact the school office at 2338 3949 for details

Miscellaneous Fees

The miscellaneous fee is an annual charge for materials and resources including our annual licences for the IB PYP, on-line subscriptions, books and resources. This levy also covers payment for the annual Year Book and transport for excursions. Should a student withdraw during the school year, the miscellaneous fee may be refunded on a pro-rata basis.

  • Early Years – Year 3 : HK$12,000 per year

  • Year 4 - 6:  HK$13,000 per year

Think International School’s financial affairs are budgeted, audited and submitted to the Education Bureau for approval on a yearly basis.