School Fees 

Reservation Deposit

The Reservation Deposit will be collected at the time of student registration for enrollment and will be credited against the first tuition installment.

Should a student cancel before starting school, this deposit will not be refunded.

Tuition Deposit

This deposit will be collected at the time of student registration for enrollment. The deposit will be credited to the final tuition installment, prior to the student's withdrawal from Think International School. 

School Fees for 2020-2021

  • Early Years – Year 3 : HK$11,300 per month (10 installments)

  • Year 4 - 6:  HK$12,100 per month (10 installments)

  • Lunch Fees: Students can join the lunch program at HK$830 per month

  • School Bus:  Please contact the school office at 2338 3949 for details

Individual Capital Debenture

Think International School depends on tuition fees to finance the schools’ operational costs.  Over time, existing facilities will need enhancements, additions and replacement in order to maintain and continue to improve the overall school environment for our students. Think International School’s debenture scheme helps to meet the cost of major capital projects and provide for the future sustainability of Think International School.

  • One debenture for each child, payable before entry to the school.

  • The debenture must be paid by the deadline stated in the offer letter.

  • The debenture can only be purchased after a place has been offered.

  • The debenture will mature at the end of six years, for students enrolling in Year 1 to Year 3.

  • The debenture will mature at the end of four years, for students enrolling in Years 4 to 6.

  • The debenture can only be fully redeemed upon maturity, or at the school’s discretion.

  • The debenture is non-interest bearing.

The debenture can only be redeemed upon maturity. It will be redeemed at full face value with no interest.

The debenture may be waived for expatriate students. Please contact the school office for details.

Cost of Debenture: 

The debenture is charged for the first and second child only.

  • HK$200,000 for the first child

  • HK$180,000 for the second child

  • HK$0 for the third child and subsequent child


Think International School’s financial affairs are budgeted, audited and submitted to the Education Bureau for approval on a yearly basis.

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